iTopDecom moves decommissioning planning, tracking, and management into the Information Age.

iTopDecom is a mission critical, enterprise grade, fully digital cloud collaboration software for planning, tracking and completions management of the engineering down and clean-up of end-of-life offshore oil and gas facilities.

Unique in the system completions software market, behind iTopDecom is the mapping of complex data relationships and workflows in their simplest form, custom scripts and automations, and a collaboration platform that can be further tailored to perfectly fit your team’s needs and free them to deliver.

As a package, it combines the functionality and power of multiple discrete tools into one easily accessible online/web-based platform, fusing together vital work functions, such as (but not limited to): work planning, Jobpack definition and development, scheduling, workfront management and tracking, data storage, and reporting.

Data held in the iTopDecom platform is stored in the cloud. Its shared database enables it to be used for parallel work processes and accessed by users simultaneously.

Schedule the work

Facility schedules show the critical path for the full program of work ahead and can be expanded full screen. Search a job, select a more narrow time period (e.g. day, week, month, quarter), show only the Workpacks you want to see and hide the rest.

Digital Jobs

Jobs are fully-digital, with the relationships between all information (e.g. drawings, assets, surveys, schedule, approvals, material, modifications, resources, procedures, personnel allocation etc.) completely mapped out and customisable.

Progress the work

Visualise the status of all jobs and easily update job progress by moving the ‘job cards’ on the Kanban Board.

Assign the work

Users can be assigned to jobs and quickly identify the status of these before they commence their work. Team members can check message boards, read handover notes from the outgoing shift, and be notified of team announcements and messages.

Control and approve

Operators and supervisors can complete any outstanding asset status change approvals (2-step process). Similarly, Jobs which are under development or have been completed will have approval records here awaiting approval.

Understand the status

See the full picture on Asset and Job Status approvals across all facilities. Filter by facility, asset and determine which records require operator or supervisor approval by using the Inline Filters.

Capture survey data

Configure asset surveys for jobs based on job type. Capture multiple surveys and rollup the most recent value.

Up to date

Generate up-to-date “stored energy”, “hazardous material”, and other customisable registers automatically to have clarity on the facility status.